Most people agree that it takes a certain personality to be an effective caregiver. I was considered, by both my employer and clients, to be a successful caregiver.
In this booklet, I examine my past for early indications of that personality. I have noted seven of my personality traits that I believe were early indications. I hope that this will help others to recognize them in themselves and others.
I have told my story with a good deal of humor, which I think is a necessary trait for a caregiver.

Journals of a Caregiver
    Linda Rigsbee
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Editor’s Review 

"Journals of a Caregiver" outlines seven early indicators of a caregiver personality. Written from the perspective of a caregiver, this booklet addresses the indicators with humor, never losing the attention of the reader.


Most people agree that it takes a certain personality to be an effective caregiver. Are there early indicators of that personality? I think so. I have been considered, by both employer and clients, to be an effective caregiver, so I examined my past for clues. I found 7 early indications of what I consider to be a caregiver personality and I have used humor to convey them.
  I didn't discover my skill until I lost my office job of 30 years - two weeks after spending a week at my mother's side as she died at home of cancer. I found the best job of my life as a caregiver for Home Instead, a company that provides in-home care for seniors. It was good training, as I wound up being a caregiver for my husband when he was paralyzed. He went from flat on his bed, unable to turn over by himself, to walking. I took care of my father until his death as well. I didn't merely do it because I thought I should. I wanted to. Taking care of people was something I loved doing.